Patriarchy and Quantum Bias

PATRIARCHY  Quantum Bias  Skilled Deceit  Split Values    by Louise Gouёffic

Patriarchy’s skills to deceive the species through language are the best the world has ever seen. No one will ever surpass them.

It’s hard to believe patriarchy’s 11,000 years of rule would embed male bias in 20,000 names to guarantee its system of rule for eternity.

Founded on the decree in 9000 BCE that the Phallus is Supreme Creator, patriarchy established itself through physical power, belief in male superiority, bullying force and social control supported by massive male bias in names fitting its political aims. Patriarchy was to be the system of rule lasting for eternity.

Physical strength, male-hegemonic controls, rulers as Kings, Emperors, Caliphs, Czars, Barons, … all Lords of feudal systems lasting thousands of years entitled rich elite males to control all others below them. Through feudalisms and slavery, touted as natural, people came to believe the many born in the low state were on earth to serve the few born in the high state.

Physical strength, male-dominance edicts and social controls are outside my expertise. Language is my specialty. I saw that in developing language the Lords’ best self-interests were put into place by embedding male-bias in thousands of names. It’s as hard to see massive bias changed our species from being sapiens by evolution to being 2-men-of-opposite-sexes by name, as it is for people to see that we caused global warming … as 2-men-of-opposite-sexes, men who deny facts.

In spite of the progress we’ve made since the Peasant’s Revolt in 1381, the  French Revolution in 1789, and the feminist waves in the 20th century, we haven’t changed from patriarchy’s master-and-servant system to an inclusive system in which everyone born into our species has equal value. This is because we renew patriarchy every day in the massive male -bias we speak in almost every language spoken on earth. The global language most spoken within most languages is about patriarchy’s man entitled to dominate, control and rule.

Politics, created by patriarchy, for patriarchy, on patriarchy’s terms, the ‘politics of sex’, is that one man is a man, male, the opposite is not a man, not-male. The ‘wo’ added to man convinces fem she is a man in man. Fem is not to know the bold-faced deceit embedded in such a big bold-faced lie.

I found embedded bias when I gathered items of speech, names and symbols, one by one, addressing specifically our species. 20,000 names opened my eyes to the massive male bias embedded in names in our language.

The massive linguistic component supporting man, male, subject-agent, makes people believe this. The opposite, object-agent, is the man that’s notmale. In patriarchy’s politics, he ‘s the mind (subject); she ‘s the body (object.)

Deceit and devious paths were used. Nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs, etc., as well as nouns/names, embed male bias. For example, verb, indicating an action, is based on the Latin name for penis, verpa, consonant variation, p <-> b, with final ‘a’ dropped, makes verb. Verb fits in with word, wor, man, +d. The male creates speech. Few see the path from verb to word. We don’t examine language to this extent. It’s not done in schools. Nor in universities.

The Latin name for man is vir. Pronounced /wir/ it made the formula, v­_r,  ver, var, vor, wer, wor, etc. With different consonants and vowels hundreds of names name the male the active agent in man. The sexes, defined as opposites, the not-male ‘man’ is passive, object-agent, inactive. And submissive.

Being man in reality entails only being male. In this fact, he’s +1 in value. The opposite, wo +man, is not male. She ‘s -1 in value. Even educated people do not see through this skilled deceit.

In my view then, patriarchy’s physical and social controls cannot continue to exist without the massive linguistic component supporting the male as being the doing/subject-agent in the species, repeated ad infinitum in thousands of names. The name man embedded in thousands of names makes the message that he’s the thinking agent, the mind of the species. He’s the man that is a man.

The sticking point: Half the species injected with -1 bias injects the +1bias in the opposite half. And almost everything goes awry. Today, we live smack-dab in the mess of  run-away hatreds and violence. Even terrorism is common.

In Breaking the Patriarchal Code, 1996, Knowledge Ideas & Trends, Manchester Ct. , I list 10,000 of the 20,000 names and symbols about our species that embed male bias. The book does not explain the harms done to our species. Nor does it suggest ways to change the language in order to create evidence-based,  true-to-reality names in language useful to all minds.

QUANTUM BIAS starts with how patriarchy took and kept control. It created division-in-value among people that went on to amplify +1 -1 as a binary defining our species, not visible to the many. Division was touted as natural in our species, making people believe in patriarchy’s program of deceit, touted as Truth. The -1 were looked down upon, labeled “the masses.”  Many today do not understand the power of bias in language that keeps the program going. We trust the language we’ve been given and taught to use, as if it speaks facts and truths.

In today’s global situation, hatreds and violence connect in action in too many fatal and destructive ways, at an alarming rate. Started in 9000 BCE it took wings in the 13th C when patriarchy added ‘hu’ to man to hide it had created two men in (one) man.

          Up to 11th C fem was a common name. In 11th C, patriarchy re-named fem wo +man. Man, male, +1.  Wo +man, not male, -1. Hu +man justifies the species being  “2 men of opposite sexes” …  … created equal.   Male Entitlement in +1 -1 Binary                                                                                                                                                           Patriarchy’s Legacy of Hatreds and Violence harms all genders in “equal but different” ways.  Thousands of names embedding male bias turn belief-in-lies into knowledge-about-our-species, festering into hatreds, too often ending in violence. By the author of Breaking the Patriarchal Code, 1996, Knowledge Ideas & Trends, Manchester, CT., Louise Gouёffic, listing 10,000 of the 20,000 names embedding male bias.

Keeping patriarchy’s legacy is keeping patriarchy. Keeping the language that perpetuates patriarchy keeps it in place: life lived on belief-in-bias.

We need to see and understand how we were radicalized as 2 men in man.

Changing the language changes the direction, changes the perception of what we are as a speech-making and speech-using species. This is something everyone can do. It’s not hard to change names. Buy the book. Change the world.

          Quantum Bias, a naughty knotty book about bias in its many petty and evil nuances.                                                                 Downloadable $5